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- 2014 APIDVTF Events -

2014 APIDVTF Domestic Violence Awareness Month Event


Q: When will it be?

A: Wednesday, October 1st, 10 AM to 4 PM


Q: Where will it be?

A: A corner of 6th Street and Harvard Ave, Koreatown (where Korean American Family Services is located)


Q: What are we doing at the street corner?

A: Street corner outreach!! We'll engage passers-by to participate in true-or-false quizzes about DV and "I Can We Can" art activity, hand out DV fact sheets, and give away APIDVTF rubber wristbands and other goodies. We'll also have a resource table with more information on our member agencies and their services.


Q: Cool! How can I get involved?

A: Come visit us between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM on October 1st, and join the movement to end domestic violence in our communities!


Q: Anything else?

A: South Asian Network (SAN) is also doing their annual street corner outreach on a weekend in late October. For more information, email parija@southasiannetwork.org



Please do feel free to contact Jennifer (joh@kfamla.org) and Hiroko (hmurakami@napafasa.org) if you have any questions/concerns about the event and/or DVTF.


Hope to see you there!